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ALICAO - Contact-based Sequence Alignment

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1. Template (single-chain structure)
Enter PDB identifier of template:

OR Upload single-chain template structure in PDB format:

2. Query (homologous sequence without structure)
Upload (single) query sequence in FASTA format:

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ALICAO is a program to perform contact-based sequence alignment, where the structure of the first sequence is known (template) and the sequence of the second sequence is unknown (query). A contact map is extracted from the template structure and the program aligns the two sequences by maximizing a combination of contact mutation and sequence mutation probability. The combination of structure and sequence information overall improves alignments between sequences with < 30% sequence identity. For a more detailed description see Kleinjung et al. (2004) . The ALICAO program is available here .

Please cite: J. Kleinjung, J. Romein, K. Lin and J. Heringa, Contact-based sequence alignment, Nucleic Acids Research 32(8) (2004) 2464-2473. bibtex

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