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SYMPRED consensus secondary structure prediction

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SYMPRED is a consensus-deriving secondary structure prediction program that uses the PSI-BLAST algorithm to produce input for the individual methods used. The consensus is derived through dynamic programming where all predictions are optimally segmented to a high accuracy level prediction. SYMPRED can be run using any combination of PHDpsi (Rost and Sander, 1993), PROFsec (Rost, unpublished), SSPro2.01 (Pollastri et al, 2002), YASPIN (Lin et al, 2005), JNet (Cuff and Barton, 2000) and PSIPred (Jones, 1999). The SYMPRED server is also part of the global automated assessment server EVA (Koh et al, 2003).

Reference: Simossis V.A. and Heringa J. (2004) Optimally segmented consensus secondary structure prediction. Bioinformatics (submitted).
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