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Vacancies at the IBIVU Center

♦ Overview
• No current vacancies
How to apply
Vacancies at the VU University (Vrije Universiteit)
Internships (summer or any other time of year)

♦ Introduction
Background: The IBIVU is a recently founded broad-based centre that is carried by the Faculty of Sciences (FEW) and the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (FALW) with strong endorsement from the University Board (CvB) and intimate ties with the VU Medical Centre (VUMC). Its main missions are carrying out a strong and internationally competitive research programme in Bioinformatics with an additional focus on functional genomics and systems biology, and providing an excellent educational programme at bachelor and master level; the latter including a two-year international Bioinformatics Master's course. The Centre is going through a phase of expansion both in staffing and research projects as a result of university and grant-based funding.
Research Focus: In addition to a core research group with a tools-directed focus, the IBIVU is involved in a number of projects in collaboration with institutes and groups at the Vrije Universiteit, such as the Institute for Molecular Cell Biology (IMC), The Centre for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR), and the Microarray facilities at the VU Medical Centre. The IBIVU research is embedded in a number of externally funded bioinformatics research directions, such as (1) the Dutch national Ecogenomics project which focuses on genomics-based soil-ecosystems research, (2) the Dutch national Centre for Medical Systems Biology (CMSB), (3) the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre's BioRange project. An international focus is the IBIVU partnership in the EC FP6 Bioinformatics/Systems Biology related Network of Excellence ENFIN. The IBIVU therefore seeks to extend its focus on genome-wide discovery-based bioinformatics research with a clear systems-based and modelling-directed component.

♦ No current vacancies

♦ How to apply
  • Send your application (writing the application number at the top left side of the letter and envelope) before the specified deadline to:
    Human Resources
    Faculty of Sciences
    Vrije Universiteit
    De Boelelaan 1083-A
    1081 HV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
  • Alternatively, you can e-mail your application letter to:

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